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Moreish Snickerdoodles

Another post featuring cinnamon – surprise, surprise, but I promise this is a good one. These chewy, buttery, sugary delights are snickerdoodles. They are the weird cousin to the German – Schneckennudel, and originate from New York City. Other than the star of the show – cinnamon, the surprise ingredient which sets these cookies apart… Continue reading Moreish Snickerdoodles

Noodle Jars – An Easy Way to Spice Up Instant Noodles

Picture this: it’s lunchtime after a jam-packed morning of hard work. Your tummy starts rumbling and you know you’re about 10 mins away from being the most difficult person on the planet… unless the hunger is subsided by a delicious lunch. You start to tear open the cupboards in a frenzy, looking for anything that’ll… Continue reading Noodle Jars – An Easy Way to Spice Up Instant Noodles

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