The Only Granola Recipe You’ll Ever Need

I know what you’re thinking: ‘That’s a big claim you’re making Charlotte! There was this one time that I had that pretty great granola, from this one place.’ I get it, that granola was pretty special, but just wait until you try this recipe. If you enjoy granola that has a variety of nut types, crunchy clusters and works as an addition to so many dishes… then this recipe is for you! Now this recipe makes a large amount, as a family all three of us can eat this in multiple meals a day. That is why the recipe makes a lot of granola, it just wouldn’t be efficient otherwise, but feel free to half or even quarter the recipe to make an ideal amount for yourself.

Lets get stuck in to the recipe. This recipe is super simple to make and takes a small amount of preparation.

Makes: A cereal box worth of granola.


  • 500g x rolled oats,
  • 260g x walnuts,
  • 60g x coconut oil,
  • 180ml x maple syrup,
  • 170g x honey,
  • 50g x desiccated coconut,
  • 90g x flaked almonds,
  • 100g x dried apple.


  1. To start, preheat your oven to 200 degrees (180 for fan ovens). The next step is to prepare two large, lipped baking trays with grease-proof paper. After lining your trays, add your rolled oats in a large bowl. To prepare your walnuts you can just break them between your fingers to make smaller chunks. Add the walnuts to the rolled oats and stir through until they’re evenly distributed.
  2. In a large microwavable jug you’re going to add all your liquids: coconut oil, maple syrup and honey. Pop the jug into the microwave and heat it on full power for 30 second bursts until the coconut oil has completely melted.
  3. Add your liquids to the walnuts and rolled oats. Mix this really well, either with your hands or a spatula. A spatula normally works just fine but you need to keep an eye on little pockets of dry ingredients. You want to ensure that every oat and nut is coated with your delicious syrup. Divide your mix between the two trays evenly and pop these into the oven for five minutes. It should look something like this:

4. While the oats and walnuts are roasting you’re going to prep your dried apple. I think the easiest way to prepare these is using a sharp pair of scissors. Cut the apple roughly the same size as the walnuts. Weigh out the flaked almonds and desiccated coconut, mix with your apple and leave to one side.

5. Once the five minutes are up take the trays out of the oven and scatter your apple mix evenly between the two trays, stir it all through to distribute. Don’t worry about breaking your oats up too much, you want some oat clusters to remain. Once mixed thoroughly pop this back into the oven.

A sneak preview before it goes into the oven…

6. When this is in the oven you’ll want to keep a careful eye on it. Leave it in for no longer than five minutes at a time. You’ll need to regularly take it out and turn the mix to ensure that it is cooking evenly. Another reason is because the syrup has quite a high natural sugar content, if it isn’t routinely turned it has a good chance of burning.

7. After about 10-15 minutes your granola should be evenly browned, the smaller pieces will be crunchy, the large clusters will still have a slight chew. Give it one last turn, then place it back in the oven with the door slightly ajar. Turn the oven off and leave the granola to dry out. It is important not to leave the oven on at this stage, it will cause the smaller pieces to burn while waiting for the larger pieces crisp up.

8. Once the granola is completely cool transfer to a jar/container with an air tight seal to preserve the freshness. It will be at it’s best for around a week, after that you’re sacrificing your crunch and become more chewy. It will still be good for another week after this though, but two weeks really is the limit.

There are many ways to enjoy this granola: with yoghurt and berries, with a milk of your choice, or simply on it’s own as a snack. It never quite lasts a week in our household and is often eaten straight out of the oven while it is still warm. The smell of this granola alone is delicious and as it cooks it will find it’s way into every room of your house, enticing people to come and have a bowl, no matter the time of day.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as I do, I feel the combination of textures and flavours are what makes this granola something special. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and if you enjoy the recipe don’t forget to like and share!

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