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Moreish Snickerdoodles

Another post featuring cinnamon – surprise, surprise, but I promise this is a good one. These chewy, buttery, sugary delights are snickerdoodles. They are the weird cousin to the German – Schneckennudel, and originate from New York City. Other than the star of the show – cinnamon, the surprise ingredient which sets these cookies apart… Continue reading Moreish Snickerdoodles

Tear and Share Cinnamon Buns

Hey there, long time no see! Thanks for coming back and giving this recipe a read. This recipe is a tried and tested favourite of mine, so I hope you enjoy! Cinnamon buns were a late discovery for me in my culinary journey. These fluffy, chewy buns of goodness managed to elude me until my… Continue reading Tear and Share Cinnamon Buns

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