Moreish Snickerdoodles

Another post featuring cinnamon – surprise, surprise, but I promise this is a good one. These chewy, buttery, sugary delights are snickerdoodles. They are the weird cousin to the German – Schneckennudel, and originate from New York City. Other than the star of the show – cinnamon, the surprise ingredient which sets these cookies apart is cream of tartar. This ingredient helps the cookies to become crisp on the outside with a distinct bend and chew (very different to a bend and snap). One bite into these and I promise you will be hooked, welcome to the club.

The first rule of snickerdoodle club…

Makes: roughly 30 cookies


  • 230g x unsalted butter,
  • 300g x caster sugar,
  • 2 x eggs,
  • 2tsp x vanilla essence,
  • 330g x self-raising flour,
  • 1tsp x cream of tartar,
  • 1tsp x salt,
  • 50g x caster sugar,
  • 1tbsp x cinnamon.
  1. First you’re going to want to take soft, room temperature butter and cream it together with your sugar. You want the colour to change from a bright yellow to a pale white, the texture should be light and almost mousse like. It is easier to do this with an electric whisk or stand mixer. But, if you’re a poor student like me a wooden spoon will work just the same. Plus, it’s a free arm workout, just make sure to swap arms so you work them out evenly.
Arnold Schwarzenegger used to cream butter and sugar by hand during his body building days…

2. Next, add in your eggs and vanilla essence. Beat these in, if it looks like the mixture is starting to split, add in a tablespoon of flour.

3. Sift in the rest of the flour, salt and cream of tartar. These cookies are easy to over mix so it is best to fold the dry ingredients in. If you overmix during this stage the gluten in the flour becomes over-active and creates tough cookies.

To fold – imagine a figure of 8 in your bowl follow that slowly with your wooden spoon.

4. Once all of your dry ingredients are incorporated you should have a fairly sticky consistency. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Next step is to cover with clingfilm, and sit in the fridge for 30 minutes to a hour.


5. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees. In a separate container or bowl mix your remaining sugar and cinnamon together and set to the side. Next line two trays with baking paper and if you’re a control freak (like me) grab a set of scales.

6. Your cookies should now be cold enough to mould. Grab a small amount with your hands, and for consistency, measure out 30g on your scales. Using the palms of your hands roll into a smooth ball and drop into your cinnamon sugar mix. Coat evenly in the cinnamon sugar.

Snickerdoodle creation station.

7. Once fully coated drop on to your baking tray. I like to slightly flatten the tops of each cookie and put a pinch more cinnamon sugar on top. On an average sized baking tray I would only put four cookies as they spread a lot when they are in the oven.

This six cookie tray was ambitious, if I remember correctly they all stuck together. Learn from my mistakes.

8. Pop your cookies in the oven for roughly 10-13 minutes. As they are coated in sugar they will colour very quickly. Once they start to turn it is a very small increment of time between golden brown and burnt.

Learnt my lesson after the first batch, only four cookies here.

9. I take mine out just as the edges are starting to become a darker golden. They will still be soft to the touch when you take them out. Use a large, flat spatula to effectively get underneath and place them on to a cooling rack. As the cookies cool, they will crisp up.

Look at those cute little cinnamon flecks!

Snickerdoodles are as easy as that! Super quick, cheap and fun to make. Perfect if you are practicing baking with the little ones, or looking for an easy recipe to make for a gathering. I guarantee you no one will be disappointed. Happy baking!

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