Simply the Zest Avocado on Toast

I’m sure you’ve had avocado on toast plenty of times, especially if you’re a part of the Gen Z/millennial generations like I am. We love nothing more than to sit at a coffee shop, in an up-and-coming area of a city, while reading a good book and digging into our green mush on twice cooked bread (it’s normally sourdough). It is an easy dish that consists of two main ingredients. For that exact reason it can be easily looked over or taken for granted. It is also why it can be quite a bland dish, unless you have this recipe to hand! This avocado dish is one to be remembered, it is zingy, fresh and full of flavour.

Makes: enough for two generous slices of toast


  • 1x avocado,
  • 1x lime,
  • 1x lemon,
  • 1x block of halloumi,
  • Salad leaves of your choice,
  • 1tbsp x balsamic vinegar.
  1. Firstly, you are going to want to prepare your avocado. Now it is very easy to injure yourself when cutting an avocado, but if you follow my guide, that risk should massively decrease. Lay your avocado on to your chopping board with the top facing vertically away from you. Place your non-dominant hand flat on top of the avocado, using a sharp knife slice the avocado around the stone horizontally through the avocado. You should end up with two halves that look like this…

2) The next step is to securely take out the stone. Take a large knife that you don’t mind being damaged. Hold the avocado half that has the stone, stone up, in your non-dominant hand. Using the large knife your going to hit it with force horizontally into the stone.

3) With your knife in the avocado you’re going to twist the handle and the stone should come loose from your avocado half. Now you have an avocado stone stuck on your knife. Don’t worry it’s very easy to fix. Put your knife flat on your chopping board, cover one hand over the avocado stone (so it doesn’t fly off into your kitchen) and with your other hand push down on the knife blade. The stone should pop off the blade and into your hand. Ta da!

4) That is honestly the hard part of this recipe over. Using a spoon scoop all of the green flesh of the avocado into a bowl, then mash this with a fork. Season this liberally with salt and pepper. Zest the lemon and the lime into the bowl. Next, cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice of half the lemon into the bowl. Mix this together well. Go ahead and check your seasoning by tasting a small amount of the avocado. A really important part of cooking is tasting to make sure everything tastes as you want it to. It seems simple I know but it’s the difference between a great dish and an okay dish.

5) Next, you’ll want to cut your halloumi, don’t make the slices too thin as they’ll lose their texture when they’re cooked. I opted for 1cm pieces.

6) I grilled these but you could also heat up a pan and crisp them up that way. They won’t take very long to cook so keep an eye on them. Halloumi is notorious for sticking to whatever you’re cooking it on, so make sure the appliance you’re using is non-stick. After you’ve popped your halloumi on put your bread in the toaster.

I know the last one looks a little burnt, but as a chef I’ll call that charred and charge you £10 more.

7) After your toast and halloumi are done, now is the fun assembly part. Butter your toast and liberally spread on your avocado. Top with your grilled halloumi and salad leaves, drizzle over your balsamic vinegar and you are good to go.

My family loves this recipe, the first time I made it was two years ago and it still gets spoken about routinely. If you’re not a fan of halloumi it could easily be replaced with poached eggs, another great combo with avocado. This recipe is a great way to start the day, or a healthy, quick recipe for a lazy Sunday. However you like to enjoy it, I hope you love the recipe. Feel free to leave a comment or share the recipe as meal inspiration for someone else.

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